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Pro-active System- and Business Process Monitoring


Pro-active System- and Business Process Monitoring

Holistic system management requires comprehensive monitoring of all existing infrastructure and software components.

Just the ones who are monitoring their hardware, networks, operating systems, data bases and applications equally explicitly, can make precise assessments should a deficit in performance occur and by doing so, optimize their IT landscape.

CSmon offers you the possibility of monitoring your IT landscape holistically by covering all the usual OS-platforms, network components, software developers etc. consistently on different levels (from hardware to software service).

Key-features of CSmon

  • Fully comprehensive SAP system and process monitoring, also end-to-end
    • IT infrastructure monitoring
    • System monitoring
    • Applications- and process monitoring
    • HANA monitoring
    • IT security and compliance monitoring
  • Agent-free monitoring allows simple integration into the customer’s IT landscape
  • Clearly visualised display in the form of “landscapes”

Your benefit when using CSmon

  • Improved and permanent system availability through pro active monitoring
  • Efficient and inexpensive SAP monitoring
  • Flexible potential for integration through existing tools (ticket systems etc.)
  • Visualised display of alerts
  • Homogenisation of your monitoring landscape (the use of different monitoring tools is not necessary)
  • SAP release independent
  • Integration of existing monitoring solutions
  • no complex configuration of SAP CCMS due to pre-configurated SAP monitoring templates
  • Time-dependent monitoring possible
  • Notification via SMS, e-mail and mobile app

Through the automation of complex system copies which formerly required a large amount of manual effort, the lead times and the costs of an SAP system copy can be severely reduced.

Our software Automated SAP System Copy (ASSC) is applied, for instance, to automate and accelerate the engineering of faithful SAP system copies. This means that within a short time all production data will be available on your test system. If requested, even anonymised.

We provide two versions of the system copy tool for SAP:

  • Fully automated SAP system copy at the touch of a button, including storage- and backup/restore activities
  • Copy limited: automated preparation and post-processing


  • Automated preparation and post-processing of system and client copies
  • Automation of storage-, backup and restore activities based on templates, e.g. taking automated snapshots
  • Support of all SAP databases and operation systems
  • Support of all SAP products (ERP, CRM, SCM, HR, BI, PI, Portal etc.) based on Net Weaver
  • As an alternative to its own copy mechanism, you can integrate existing infrastructure methods into the copy process (e.g. snapshots of the storage manufacturers).
  • Back-up and re-importing of configurations of the target system (e.g. RFC connections, versionsDB, user, printer etc.)

i-doit provides everything required to operate a CMDB based on the database of technical IT documentation. Already the documentation is based on a model of relationship which later forms the basis for service modeling or the visualisation of service- and dependency trees.

Relationships already emerge automatically through documentation of, for instance, connections between devices, software assignments, through membership in a cluster or assignment of assets to a location. With the possibility of displaying services in i-doit, the documented objects can be related to business applications to which they are contributing their part.

With CMDB Explorer the whole model of relationship of i-doit is visualised and that means it can be controlled according to various criteria.

Therefore the dependence of individual objects or entire location trees can be displayed.

Here is where Consult/R is offering consultancy on implementation and is a preferred partner in Austria.

Our integration moduls:

  • Tapping of SAP system information
  • SAP Solution Manager Service Desk
  • Request for Change Modul
  • CSmon Nagios Integration
  • atlassian Confluence Wiki Integration