Development, Support, Training:
That is how you manage IT, and not the other way around

Consult/R was founded by Andreas Lindenbauer as co-founder in 1998. By joining the company in 2011, Mario Windhofer, a long-standing partner, contributed to a further growth of the company.

We provide services in the fields of SAP and IT technology, SAP system operation, software and training. By applying a holistic approach consisting of consulting, service and support our customers receive the optimum support from a single source: customized, transparent, cost efficient.

The focus of our consulting is laid on classic SAP infrastructure issues, the SAP Solution Manager, UI and Backend Integration as well as SAP Security and Compliance issues. Besides consulting, we offer our clients comprehensive fundamental and advanced training in SAP basic technology, as well as flexible and individual support in SAP system operation (remote operation, out-tasking, on-site support).

Our established, self-developed monitoring software CSmon permanently surveils your whole IT landscape and business processes in an audit-proof way. A special module covers all the requirements for monitoring IT Security and SAP Compliance.