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Automated SAP System Copy

By automating complex SAP system copies that involve a lot of manual effort, the throughput times and costs of a SAP system copy can be massively reduced.

Automated SAP System Copy (ASSC) software is used to automate and accelerate the creation of true-to-original SAP system copies, for example. This means that you have all production data available on your test system in a short time.

Copy Limited Edition:
Automated preparation and follow-up work
  • Automated preparation and post-processing of system and client copies

  • Supports all databases and operating systems supported by SAP

  • No intervention in existing SAP environments

  • Supports all SAP NetWeaver based SAP products (ERP, CRM, SCM, HR, BI, PI, Portal, etc.)

  • Backing up and restoring configurations of the target system (e.g. RFC connections, VersionsDB, users, printers, etc.)

  • Copying process can be configured via a web interface of any computer and monitored

Full Edition:
Automated preparation and follow-up work, including storage-related activities
  • Functionalities from the Copy Limited Edition

  • Automate storage, backup and restore activities using templates, for example triggering automated snapshots

  • As an alternative to your own copy mechanism, you can integrate existing infrastructure methods for the copying process (e.g. snapshots from the storage manufacturer)

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