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We automate your IT

Nowadays, modernizing the IT infrastructure goes hand in hand with the need for increased flexibility, simplification through automation and cost efficiency.

This increasing flexibility and automation can hardly be managed without the simplification of processes, the use of a container management platform and the code-based control of cloud and on-prem infrastructure resources.

As an experienced IT partner for SAP and IT technology, system operators and software manufacturers, we understand these challenges and are the perfect contact for your company with the appropriate expertise, especially for hybrid service scenarios and infrastructure automation.

If you are already thinking about infrastructure automation (Infrastructure as Code) or the use and integration of cloud services, we would be happy to advise you:

Strategy & design


Creation of a strategy and a detailed concept for infrastructure automation and cloud service integration based on an IaC

(Infrastructure as Code) frameworks.

For example: Workflow-controlled and fully automated provision of VMs, taking into account FW activation, backup infrastructure, monitoring systems, compliance and security regulations.

Continuous integration & deployment

Joint development of a comprehensive governance structure for optimized operational processes: DevOps, Continuous Integration,

Continuous Deplyoment


Hybrid Cloud &

Container management

Support in the implementation of a consistent automation platform and integration of cloud services in the sense of a hybrid IT infrastructure, taking into account legacy applications.

Efficiency & transparency

By automating your IT infrastructure, you achieve a significant reduction in the provisioning times of IT resources (e.g. VMs), the reduction of failures through reduced or automated dependencies, and transparent and consistent change management.

All of this leads you to faster implementation of projects, improvement of the ability to innovate, more security and transparency.

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