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Configuration Management Database

i-doit already has everything to run a CMDB on the basis of the technical IT documentation. The documentation is already based on a relationship model, which then also forms the basis for service modeling or the visualization of service and dependency trees.

Relationships arise automatically when documenting, for example, connections between devices, software assignments, membership in a cluster or the assignment of assets to a location. With the ability to map services in i-doit, the documented objects can be related to the business applications to which they contribute. The entire relationship model of i-doit is visualized with the CMDB Explorer and can be controlled according to various criteria. This way, the dependencies of individual objects or entire location trees can be displayed.

  • preferred partner in Austria

  • Our integration modules:

    • Access to SAP system information

    • Supply of SAP Solution Manager Service Desk

    • Request for change module

    • CSmon Nagios integration

    • atlassian Confluence Wiki Integration

The 360 ° IT documentation
  • 360 ° documentation

  • Detailed rights system

  • Detailed relationship model

  • Expandable

  • Ready for immediate use

  • Inexpensive

  • Industry standard

  • Fair licensing

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